Nutritional habits and diseases

Nutritional habits and diseases

In today’s world, there are serious problems about eating habits. Every year, thousands of people in the world are exposed to severe illness resulting in malnutrition and irregular eating.

According to scientific researches made, nutritional habits and diseases have been revealed to be directly related. There are many diseases that occur as a result of wrong nutrition. The most common of these are cancer, obesity, heart and vascular diseases.

From Cyprus Girne American University Hospital, Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr. Huseyin Cenkler, changing the eating habits, cancers and many other diseases how to take measures explained. He said that healthy and correct nutrition is crucial to prevent or treat diseases such as cancer, obesity, heart and blood vessels, which are the biggest problems of our time.

Nutrition is directly related to human health. For people, food and drinks are a basic necessity. Healthy feeding increases the survival time. If you take too much food that meets your daily energy needs, it will cause deformities in your body.

Staying healthy or getting sick comes out of dietary preferences. People who want to be healthy should pay attention to what they eat and drink.

Now, with the development of industrial food industry, it is getting harder to feed well and right. Balanced nutrition should be provided by paying attention to people’s safe food consumption.

The most important aspect of balanced nutrition is feeding on natural routes. More natural products should be consumed instead of ready-made products made of chemicals used to prolong shelf life.

Protein, fat and carbohydrates should be taken regularly to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Dried foods, fruits and vegetables that are naturally produced for proper nutrition should be consumed according to the body’s needs.

The most important factors regulating human body systems are water, vitamins and minerals. To be healthy, plenty of water should be consumed. On the other hand, we have to take lots of vitamins and minerals that our body needs.

For healthy eating and a better quality of life we should not stay away from spordan. We need to help our body by getting rid of more toxins through sports. You have no doubt that you will have a healthy body by doing sports.

With Natural and Healthy Nutrition, longer and quality living is ours.