Organ donation saves lives!

Organ donation saves lives!

The technological developments in the world have been successfully applied in medicine. Nowadays, with modern-art surgical techniques, some diseases that can not be treated until recently are easily treated. Genetic or some emerging diseases can be treated much more easily with modern surgical methods.

Today, with the development of surgical techniques, organ transplant surgery on people who have had congenital or post-emergent organ loss has started to get very high success. With modern medicine, many organs of the human body can now be transplanted.

Now we know that with organ transplants many patients have a chance of getting well. In Turkey and in the world, is quite a lot of patients waiting for organ transplants. People need more encouragement for organ donation.

Sakarya University Faculty of Medicine, Gastroenterology Surgery Professor Dr. Metin Ercan said in an interview; “Because the number of patients waiting for organ transplantation is very high, the current organ donations are inadequate and most of the patients waiting for transplant are dead before they transplant,” he said.

As well as in the world in the number of patients waiting for organ transplants every year in Turkey is constantly increasing. According to the research done, the proportion that will meet the organ transplantation needs to be 10 times higher than the existing donations. People must be kept informed to increase the number of organ donations. Religious and traditional concerns that may be taboo in this regard should be addressed.

There are many hospitals that have appropriate infrastructure and equipment for organ transplantation in Turkey. All of them are very successful organ transplantation with their specialist doctors in their field.

How is the organ transplanted?

Organ transplants are performed in Turkey with a technology advanced and got a high success rate. Each year thousands of patients are transplanted with different organs. Usually kidney, liver, heart, pancreas, lung and small intestine organ transplants are made. Also, for the first time in the world, face transplants was done in Antalya.

Organ transplants are made by transferring from a live human donor (donor) patient or cadaver. The donor donates the organ or cell that is necessary to the sick person. These organs are the organs that have self-renewal properties, such as the kidney or the liver or liver. In addition, renewable cells can be transplanted into tissues such as blood, marrow and reproductive cells.

The person who will donate organs must be 18 years old and competent enough to decide. Any information about the things to do and possible risks should be explained to the person who will donate the organ.  If the donor is committed to organ donation after informing, the operation should be started.

Organs and tissues accepted as donations from cadavers; pancreas, liver, lung, kidney, intestine, heart, heart valves, transparent layer of the eye, skin, ear ossicles, bone texture, cartilage tissue, vein, muscle etc.

We can divide organ donations in two. Before or after death. While organ transplants from cadavers in European countries 80%, while this rate is 20% in Turkey. Organ transplants from living people made rate is 80% in Turkey. Most kidney and liver donations are made. 

The number of kidney patients in Turkey, is a sufficient example to understand the need for organ transplantation. There are 20,000 kidney patients in Turkey. Due to insufficient donation, kidney transplantation can only be done to 2000 patients per year.

Even the above statistics are evidence of how important organ donation is. Everyone should donate organs to find the organs to meet the need.