Sports and Health

Sports and Health

Sports and Health

It is all of the movements that are made individually or collectively and applied in accordance with some rules to provide sport, physical or mental development. 

For human health, sports are as important as eating habits at least. If we need to be fed regularly, we must always keep our bodies ready by doing the same regular sport. Regular sports are needed to get maximum yield. With regular sport, not only physical but also spiritual contributes to one’s own health. 

It should be done according to body measurements such as sport, weight, height and health status. Do not start the spore without consulting a specialist. The sports programs to be applied must be prepared by an expert. According to scientific research; at least 3 days a week and over 20 minutes of exercise are found to be beneficial to the body. When doing sports, your heart rate needs to be over 120 per minute. However, according to these measurements you have made the ideal sport.

There are two important factors to be healthy. The first one is definitely a healthy and regular diet, and the other is sports. Regular nutrition means; is to feed as much as the body needs. When the body gets too much nutrients, the toxins accumulate in the body and the organs have to work harder to remove it. Overworking organs get tired and then the body becomes sick. We must always keep our bodies ready for this heavy work tempos. The body should be helped to remove toxins and excess calories from the body. There is a need for spores for all this. However, sports should be done not only to lose weight but to be healthier.

When playing sports, some rules should be observed. For ideal sports, eating and drinking should be done 2-3 hours before the start of the spore. It is necessary to prepare the muscle structure and joints with simple movements before starting the sport. Thus, muscle tearing, trauma and other sports injuries are prevented. 

You should start the sport with a slight tempo. Continue doing sporadic slow and frequent repetitions and accelerate on a periodic level. Continue spore till you get tired. Never finish sports with fast tempo. When you want to finish the sport, slowly turn the tempo down and get to the starting tempo. So the sport is finished.

The person has to play sports at a certain tempoda and regular times. Instead of short-term heavy sports, a standard tempo and long-term sports need to be done. Thus, excess toxins stored in the body are more easily removed. Never forget; In short-term and high-tempo sports, the body burns candy, so body energy is consumed more quickly, creating a feeling of fatigue.

For a healthy life, it should be done continuously and in a manner suitable for all ages. After playing sports, you have to shower with hot water. Do not eat right after the sport is over. You must eat in an hour after the shower.

When doing sports, the respiratory and blood circulation system works more. If you eat together with sports, digestive system, respiratory system and blood circulation system work more. As a result of overwork, digestive, respiratory and circulatory problems arise.

According to scientific researches; those who do not exercise carry the risk of becoming more ill compared to those who do sports. It has been determined that the rate of catching some diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and obesity is directly related to sports.

According to another research; the body and soul health of those who do sports are better than those who do not. People who play sports get better nutrition, tend to be less prone to violence, and are more successful in human relationships. People who play sports are more positively involved in society.

As a result, the people who play sports are the ones who look more positively. Life is always more successful and happier in people who look more positive.

If we want to be healthy, our philosophy of life should be “make sport, be happy”.