Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery

For healthy white and aesthetic teeth our dental department is at your disposal.

Our contracted Hospitals Department of Oral and Dental Health aims to provide a first class service using the latest dental equipment.

Dental check-up: 

MKG examination and panoramic imaging, RVG, oral camera systems, detection of infections, diseases and anomalies in all mouth hard and soft tissues, early diagnosis of tumors and tumor-like formations, treatment planning.

Aesthetic dentistry

Our teeth and our smile are the most important characteristics of our facial aesthetics. Aesthetic problems associated with aesthetic dentistry are:

  • Disease of tooth color
  • Malformation of the teeth
  • Fillings and prostheses which were obsolete, defective and without aesthetic purpose.
  • Position disturbances of teeth, diestemali (intermittent teeth)
  • Missing teeth
  • Gum problems
  • Disorders of the appearance and the relationships of the teeth with the soft tissue:
  • Dental and jaw discrepancies
  • The aesthetic application to solve aesthetic problems include:
  • Aesthetic composite fillings and veneers
  • Porcelain Inlays Onlays
  • Laminates
  • Metal-free crowns and bridges
  • Dental application of diamonds
  • Smile Design


Unwanted dyes can occur in teeth due to age, dyes (tea, coffee, cola, cigarettes), trauma, certain antibiotics (tetracycline), excessive use of fluoride and other causes, whitening; Is an oxidation method used to lighten the color of the teeth by a few tones. With the tooth whitening method it is possible to lighten the tooth color, in the clinic or at home, for at least 2 tones.


Periodontitis is a gingival disease and is a soft touch infection surrounding the tooth. The most common cause of tooth loss in humans is gum disease. If the gum disease is not treated, it can cause many diseases in different parts of the body except oral diseases. 

The symptoms of gingival disease:

When the toothbrush is gum bleed; redness, swelling and pain in the gums, bad odor in the mouth are symptoms of gum disease. The dentist should be visited for reasons of whining between teeth and gum, movements of teeth or shifts.

Correction of teeth, treatment of tooth and jaw disorders (teeth orthodontics), TMJ-joint pain and tooth squeak (bruising) treatment.

Oral and dental surgery (extraction of displaced teeth, cysts and tumor operations, jaw fractures) 

Fillings and root treatments:

Dental caries treatment is performed during vascular, nerve and lymphatic tissue disease along the tooth root. In the presence of bruises, the tooth deepens into the depths and infects the soft tissue of the teeth, broken teeth, or trauma, including the teeth, blood vessels and nerve fibers. If this condition is not treated over time, the infection will spread to the teeth and surrounding tissues, and the toothache, loose teeth, swelling, Symptoms occur. The purpose of root canal treatment is to remove diseased and infected soft tissues. If it is not removed and the tooth is not treated, the tooth will die.

Crown bridges and prostheses:

Implantology: Implants are a type of screw placed in a hole in the jawbone that changes the root of the teeth of patients who have lost their teeth.

Advantage of implant: The intersection of adjacent teeth with fixed prosthesis applications is avoided. Because implants directly support the jawbone, melting and bone loss is prevented in the jawbone.

In total denture patients, the movement of the prosthesis is prevented, so that the loss of social status can be prevented and an excellent function and aesthetic can be achieved.

Pediatric dentistry (treatment of milk teeth in children and preventive treatments) Treatment and surgery of disabled adults and children.

All treatments, if necessary, can be performed by specialists under general anesthesia.