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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Welcome to the website www.passohealth.com (Passo Health Travel Services).

“Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy” contain the rules you need to use the services offered on our website. You can reach us under the heading “About Us” to get detailed information about our company.

When you visit or use our webpage, you represent and warrant that you have read, understand and agree to these terms. Our company has the right to make changes to these conditions without specifying time. Any changes to the conditions will take effect after they are posted on our website. For this reason, we encourage you to regularly review the “Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” section whenever you visit our website.

This webpage’s first update date is 01.02.2018.

Terms of Use;

  • Passo Health Travel Services webpage is a Passo Tourism Travel Agency product (Passo Turizm Seyahat Tic. Limited Şti.). The Republic of Turkey was established according to commercial law and is registered with the Trade Registry in Antalya with registration number 87809. Center address; Caglayan Mah. Bülent Ecevit Bulvarı No: 117-6 Muratpaşa-Antalya.
  • Passo Health Travel Services is the owner and content provider of the information on the website www.passohealth.com. After that, it will be referred to as Passo Tour.
  • The person who visits the web page for personal use or uses the web page through our services is the “User”. The User shall use the web page within the purpose and authority specified in these Terms of Use. The user is not entitled to unfair and unauthorized use of the web page contrary to the law and conditions of use.
  • The user acknowledges, declares and undertakes that he has read, understood and will comply with the privacy rules as well as the Terms of Use.
  • The user declares and undertakes that he reads, understands and accepts these terms when he visits or uses the web page. If they do not comply with these commitments, they will know and accept that access to the web page may be prevented, their membership canceled, and legal remedies may be sought.
  • This web page is linked to various web pages and the only purpose of routing is to give information to the user completely. Passo Health does not link or redirect for any commercial purpose on the web page. Without the permission of Passo Health , the User or any other third party may not link to this web page.
  • Passo Health does not control, guarantee, and accept responsibility for the content of redirected websites. Therefore, you should review the terms of use and privacy policies on the web pages you visit via redirects. Please note that viewing the Passo Tour logo on any web page does not mean that these security and privacy rules apply to that site.
  • Passo Health has the right to rearrange, delete, change, etc. the information on the web page. There is no liability whatsoever for the User or any other third party for possible errors or changes that may occur.
  • Passo Health does not give any guarantees to the User to ensure that all content and information on the web page is complete and up-to-date.
  • Passo Health does not have any commitment to the User in terms of information published on the portal or web sites accessed through links on the web page. This page may contain risky, open to interpretation and some ambiguous expressions. For that reason, the user can not use this information as a source. Our company is not responsible for any damage caused by the user using the information provided by this page. We are not responsible for any damages that the User has caused or arisen due to the web page.
  • Passo Health is not a diagnosis, treatment, or advice about the user’s special status for content, advertising and all other information posted on the web page. All such content contains only general information intended to inform the public on health issues. Please consult your doctor for any diagnosis and treatment.
  • Passo Health does not guarantee that the web page serves regularly, it can temporarily suspend or even stop the operation of the web page temporarily. For this reason, there is no liability to User and other third parties.
  • Passo Health does not contain malicious programs on the web page that do not contain viruses and similar features. However, due to the fact that the collection is an open page, it can be attacked by malicious programs at any time. That’s why we do not guarantee that if you download any information from this web page, you will not be infected with malware. Our company is not responsible for the User and third parties for reasons of possible infection of malicious programs.